Provides the broadest possible service and maintenance support

A mainstay of Askové’s capabilities is its service department. Over the years, circumstances may arise that require an installation to be serviced. Servicemen from Askové can provide the broadest possible maintenance support on Askové manufactured installations under the requirements of local conditions. In some cases, Askové servicemen can also provide maintenance on installations not manufactured by Askové. The expertise and experience of the servicemen from Askové guarantee appropriate and prompt service.

Service & maintenance

Maintaining plastic installations will prevent unnecessary downtime. Askové carries out maintenance on the plastic installations of many of its customers. It is becoming increasingly common that this work is preventative maintenance. Askové servicemen carry out this maintenance annually at predetermined dates set out in an agreed maintenance timetable.

These maintenance timetables are formulated based on the years of maintenance experience that Askové has gained with its plastic installations. In some cases, Askové also carries out (preventative) maintenance on installations not supplied by Askové allowing it to take over the entire maintenance needs for its customer. This might include the chemical storage and dosage installations or the air treatment systems.

Askové capabilities go beyond manufacturing and supplying from our factory. A significant service provided by Askové is the on-site assembly of Askové manufactured installations. Experienced project managers and foremen organise the work on- site in accordance with the VCA*** certification attained by Askové. The starting point for this work is safety.

The Askové fitters install the equipment and the rest of the installation using extensive expertise in the field of welding/bonding, assembly, construction and commissioning. Installations are calibrated and delivered according to specification.