About us


Askové was founded in 1965 and was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to specialize in manufacturing equipment and installations from thermoplastics.
In 1987, Askové moved from its birthplace Heeswijk to Veghel. Since January 2021 we have been working from our new business premises in Schijndel, where we have access to a beautiful new building with spacious facilities for building installations from small to large.
Thanks to its many years of experience and deep expertise in this field, Askové has proven itself a loyal and reliable partner capable of providing the right solutions.


Design and project management


The design of a device/installation begins with the process technology design. In some cases, the design is wholly or partially created by the customer. Alternatively, the design can be created by Askové to integrally solve customer’s problems.
Based on the technological process design, Askové engineers create the technical design for the device/installations using 2D/3D CAD drawing techniques.  The designs are used to create detailed production drawings and control the CAM machines. The completed technical design is the foundation for the work carried out by Askové.

Project management

Askové takes great care to ensure optimal project management. Every project, large or small, is handled directly by an assigned project manager. Askové project managers work using short internal decision chains and, in particular, short decision chains with the customer (one-to-one contact). The project manager is entirely responsible for the project from start to finish and is the direct contact person for the customer.


Askové has large production facilities at its disposal. All of our machinery, including CNC milling machines, for processing a wide variety of plastics are available in a large industrial workshop. 4500 m2 is available for producing top quality products and to construct and test large installations.
Askové has all of the necessary in-house equipment to handle all conceivable production and assembly demands. The most important of these are:

  • (CNC) milling machines
  • Lathes
  • Butt welders
  • Flash welders
  • IR welders
  • Hot welding equipment
  • Extruder welding equipment
  • Sleeve welders
  • Press brakes