Askové certified for BRL SIKB7800

Askové certified for BRL SIKB7800
14 July 2021 askove

On July 1, 2021, Askové obtained the certification for BRL SIKB7800. After an extensive audit by KIWA, it appeared that Askové has its procedures and work instructions completely in order to be able to make the transition from the BRL K903 to the SIKB7800.
Askové is now also authorized to design, build, install and maintain storage and dosing installations for chemicals under the new SIKB7800 guideline. In addition, Askové may also reclassify existing storage and dosing installations under this guideline.
Askové may also issue the Installation Certificate required for the environmental permit for these installations.

Certificaat BRL SIKB 7800 K53738 08 1-7-2021


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